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Wisconsin is participating in the National Stop Arm Violation Count on Wednesday, May 8th.

Please plan to participate in this important survey that is used to influence legislation regarding safety around the school bus. The survey is a one-day snapshot of all drivers' illegal passes for the day.

Note: Your organization may perform the survey on an alternate date that may work better. The main concern is participation in the survey. The only provision is that it must be done prior to May 24.

Since the advent of the survey, NASDPTS has seen state initiatives to improve motorist education about school bus stopping laws.  There have also been changes in state legislatures to increase penalties, improve enforcement, and authorize the use of photo evidence to issue citations. The survey data has been instrumental in documenting a continuing need for greater safety countermeasures at the state and national level, including NHTSA's commitment to a targeted national safety campaign. We are requesting your assistance in this important survey.  

On MAY 8th, please have your organization's school bus drivers observe and report any instances of motorists illegally passing their school buses, using the form below  Even drivers who have no “pass-by’s” on the day of the survey should turn in the form so that we can get accurate data on how many pass-by’s occur per day per bus.

School bus drivers should use this DRIVER FORM.
(Word) It may be modified as needed.

Please instruct drivers to pay particular attention to the instructions and safety precautions.  As always, their primary duty is to the safety of their students.  Please have your drivers pay particular attention to the bottom of the form where they are instructed to“report only illegal passes that occur while the bus driver is stopped with red warning lights flashing and stop arm(s) deployed in full compliance with our state training and procedures.”

Drivers would then submit their reports to the Transportation Manager/Supervisor after their routes.

Transportation Manager/Supervisor: Please compile the data using this SUMMARY  SPREADSHEET 
(Excel) and then upload the totals to the ONLINE SURVEY no later an Friday, May 24.


Thank you for participating in this very important survey. 
Cherie Hime, WSBA, with any questions. (608) 514.5470.


July 23, 2023

Wisconsin Illegal School Bus Passing Averages 30% in 2023

Almost one in three drivers ignore the law to stop for a stopped school bus with red lights flashing and endanger children’s lives every school day. The survey results showed an improvement from 2022, however the continued disregard for children’s safety remains at an alarming rate of almost one-third of the motoring public.  


This one-day survey demonstrates the number of illegal passing each school day. Of the 977 Wisconsin school bus driver reports this year, a total of 286 passes were observed on one day, giving an average illegal passing rate of 29.3%. Adjusting for 100% of Wisconsin licensed school bus drivers, the annual school year impact is at least 627,000 illegal passings. These occurrences happen both in the morning and afternoon routes with the majority of vehicles passing a stop sign as they approach the bus head on.  There is no excuse for endangering children’s lives and immediate action needs to take place to ensure their safety.

The annual school year impact in Wisconsin is at least 627,000 illegal passes!

Pay Attention and              for the Stopped School Bus with Red Lights Flashing  

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